pwnage91 Asked
Questiondoes any of this get back to fb? Answer

Yes, all the pictures on here are also on Fb, except they’re censored.

Questionhay sexy how bout a pic of you showing a little more and wearing a lil less.... ;-) Answer

All in good time! ;)

Another random. Turn that frown upside down!

Issy here, here’s my contribution ;) should I post more?

Lisa here. Which hole do you prefer?

Lisa here. My first post. Do you approve?

Blonde with white shorts.

Blonde with white shorts.

Beach babe anyone?

After just over a week of starting our page, we have been banned from Facebook. Not only our page, but also our personal accounts have all been banned. Share this page with your friends, we’ll be starting a new page VERY soon and we will post the link on Tumblr.